From our start in 1970, the team at Brint Electric has acquired years of expertise through successfully completing hundreds of challenging projects.

Electrical contruction Construction

Our experience provides you with a cost-effective design-build solution that will lower the total cost of your project. We produce satisfied customers who appreciate our professionalism and the guarantee that our designs are free from errors and omissions. All design and CAD drafting are done in-house.

Industrial Projects

We deliver efficient project design and innovative construction alternatives that improve the overall performance of your process or facility. We provide comprehensive preventive maintenance services.

Commercial Projects

Our creative and economical installations meet the highest standards of energy efficiency and ease of maintenance. Prefabrication technologies speed our installation, improve safety and quality, while creating greater value for our customers.

Institutional Projects

Brint Electric’s vast experience makes it the choice for your institutional projects. We have significant expertise with all of the complex electrical and special systems requirements of today’s facilities.

Commercial Electrical and LightingSurveying

Brint Electric performs our own layout work using Total Station surveying equipment. Using coordinates obtained from CAD drawings, we are consistently able to locate light poles, pullboxes, manholes, and utility easements with incredible accuracy.

Underground Expertise

Brint Electric - Engineering and DesignTrenching

Our skilled operators can install hundreds of feet of trench daily. We can find and avoid other underground utilities. Accurate as-built drawings enable locating our lines for future work.


Whether it involves using backhoes, bobcats, or hydro-excavating equipment, Brint Electric always has the solution for rapid and economical underground projects.

Power Distribution Systems

We have installed hundreds of electrical services including high voltage campus distribution systems. Brint can provide ductbanks, manholes, padmount switchgear, and transformers.


From single ground rods to extensive grids, we know the importance of a well designed and installed counterpoise system. We also do ground resistance testing.

Site Lighting Systems

CAD Design

Brint Electric prepares site, parking lot, and roadway lighting layouts using sophisticated design software that displays footcandle levels and isoilluminance contours. Value engineering, voltage drop calculations, and payback analyses are just some of our other preconstruction services.

Concrete Bases

We install all types and sizes of reinforced concrete pole bases utilizing our own equipment and personnel. We also provide poured-in-place and precast pads, pullboxes, and manholes.

Setting Lighting PolesSetting Poles

From walkway lights to high-mast poles, Brint Electric has the expertise to accurately and safely install the types of lighting your facility requires.