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Brint Electric has been selected for many notable public projects. Our expertise with the complex requirements of today’s institutional electrical and special systems has earned us the respect of facility managers.

Siena Heights University – Gymnasium Lighting

Brint Electric and GUSCO Energy team up at Siena Heights University (SHU) to design and install complete LED solution including lighting controls.

Siena Heights University (Adrian, Michigan) - Gymnasium Lighting Solutions, Institutional Electrical

Gymnasium Lighting Before –
1,000 Watt Metal Halides

Bruce Ross Energy Consultant from GUSCO Energy had been working closely with Siena Heights University on several sustainability projects when they came across a need at SHU’s Field House. The Field House like many Field Houses across the country was experiencing, low light levels, high maintenance demands and a big electric bill.

Before installing LED’s, SHU had 1,000 watt metal halides. Metal halides typically lose 50% of their light output in three years so even just after a one year period the light output from a metal halide will drop dramatically. Trying to keep the appropriate light levels in the Field House was a challenge and a big cost.

Developing a plan

Bruce worked with the Director of Campus Facilities to develop a game plan for what was important for the Field House. The Director’s goals were to increase the light levels as well as have a way to control each section of the Field House; there was no reason to continue to light all the court areas if only one section was being used.

Siena Heights University (Adrian, Michigan) - Gymnasium Lighting LED & Lighting Controls, Institutional Electrical

Gymnasium Lighting After –
Lusio Inverted LED Solution

Bruce did an energy audit of the facility and worked with Ray Brint and the design team at GUSCO Energy to develop a comprehensive lighting solution. Ray was able to design an inverted LED solution using Lusio LED’s and lighting controls from Hubbell that provided dramatic results.

After installing the Lusio inverted LED solution, they not only experienced greatly improved light in the facility, but also had some other significant benefits.

What We Found

Our energy audit of the facility showed that the 1,000 watt metal halides in the facility used a total of 88,560 watts and consumed 646,488 kWh annually for a current cost of $61,587.

The benefits of installing our proposed Lusio LED’s and Hubbell controls were significant. The new Lusio LED’s used a total of 20,326 watts, which was a 68,234 reduction in watts used. The reduction in wattage and the use of the control system reduced their kWh usage annually from 646,488 to 148,376 a 77% energy savings. Their bill for the Field House went from $61,587 to $14,135 annually.

Financial Benefits

The benefits of the installed LED lighting solution not only provided physical benefits such as much better quality of light and much greater control the financial benefits made it that much better. The reduction in energy usage provided SHU with a quick payback of just 2.8 years. In addition SHU received a rebate of over $34,000 from Consumers Energy. The 10 year operational savings for this project will yield the SHU $534,988 in savings.

Lighting Controls

We installed Hubbell’s wiHUBB controls solution along with occupancy sensors and switches to provide a network based way to control the Lusio LED’s. Now SHU has full control over their lighting system via the network.

Installation and Project Management

A group of Brint Electric’s skilled craftsman removed the existing lighting, installed the new solution as well as set up and configured the wireless controls. After the work was complete they even removed the old metal halides and had them recycled.