Refractory Electrical

Brint Electric Refractory work

refractory industrial electricalOver the past 30 plus years Brint Electric has specialized in heavy industrial electrical work for refractories in the glass and metal industries. Our team of project managers and electricians has extensive experience installing a wide variety of equipment for the glass and steel manufacturing industries such as:

Material Handling

  • glass refractoryBlow molding equipment electrical installation
  • Rinsing and Filling equipment electrical installation
  • Capping Systems electrical installation
  • Crane Maintenance & Installation
  • Labeling Systems electrical installation
  • Shrink Wrapping equipment electrical installation
  • Bottling and conveyor systems electrical installation
  • High performance motors electrical installation

Steel Manufacturing Equipment

  • Metal Industrial RefractoriesFurnace Automation
  • Batch House Automation
  • Pickling Maintenance
  • Electrical installation of metal forming equipment
  • Electrical installation of steel and iron production machinery
  • Electrical installation of robotic equipment
  • Electrical installation of metal rolling equipment
  • Electrical installation of sheet metal equipment
  • Electrical installation of foundry equipment and machinery